Novella in the works

So, this is my web page. Welcome.

This will basically be my introduction to social media. I follow some twitters and youtubers and choose not to open that other time sync.

So, as my about page says, I started writing a book around this time last year, it had no real direction or plot at the time. It’s fun to create a world and an array of people to live in it. My dad read some of the story, enjoying the story rough as it was at the time.

The story has developed so much over the last few months, the plot still needs fine tuning but the unique universe and characters, well it extends itself hopefully to two trilogies. I have some work to do.

This has been the first story I have written in over twelve years, with nothing published in the past. I’m taking it a bit slower, so my first and best story doesn’t come out as my worst work.

I stripped off the terrible prologue and gave the world more depth, introducing some of the people in this universe. This is currently a 26k word novella with more editing to go. It will see some time with an editor before another rewrite then look at self-publishing. Fingers crossed, it will see print this year.

As the story gets closer, I might see if I can get transcripts of interviews from people in this universe, just for entertainment.

Sadly, my father is not with us anymore. I would have been proud as Punch handing my first printed book to him to read and place on his extensive bookshelf.


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