Adulting and Babylon 5

Adulting, it can be hard work.

Because of this, editing on my novella has fallen to the side, and only written about 3000 words on my next book this past fortnight. Brings that total now to just over 10k. Still 1/10th to a full book or 1/4th-1/5th to a novella. I’m hoping to make that my first full length book, without compromising quality for length.

Editing happens at home, when I can devote CPU (cerebral processing unit) time to the job, writing mostly happens in my half hour of lunch per day while adulting.

Allowing myself ‘time’, I finished watching Babylon 5 and the movie ‘In the Beginning’. I never realised how much of a pompous *cough* person Sheridan became in the last season. He didn’t look after the Interstellar Alliance very well. It seemed like the power of plot kept the IA together in some episodes.

One of the best Sci-Fi shows on TV from the 90’s, (I think even up to Firefly then The Expanse (Just a shame Firefly didn’t get the chance to become the show Whedon wanted it to become.) (The reason I’m not watching The Expanse until it’s completed, because I’m still upset Dark Matter got canned before it’s last season.)) even though the sets were made from 3-ply and some dialogue was on the nose.

Three of the main characters were written with good arcs and acted perfectly (not in order of preference) Londo Mollari, G’kar, Michael Garibaldi. Rest in peace Andreas Katsulas and Jerry Doyle.

The character I loved to hate the most was Lorien. He fitted a full season of dialogue in to his few episodes (wordy and almost purple prose).

Well I have to get back to the editing. Procrastination finishing in 3… 2…


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