Men in Black:Equally

This topic is a bit more serious than previous weeks. Sorry about that. I have been working on this idea all week, and even after typing it all out, wasn’t sure if I should post it. Almost deleted it a number of times over the last few days. (And i still might)

Just recently, I watched “See You Yesterday”, a Netflix movie and “Men in Black: International”. Not sure which one to start with, maybe MiB:I, it seems to have a more recent topic. Gender equality.

To start with, I am putting it out there, I’m ok with anybody having just as much right to do anything legally or morally correct. If you can do it, want to do it and nothing is stopping you, then do it.

The term ‘man’ is only a modern box term to define male gender, but the English language is butchered from many. So the term ‘man’ in German, meaning ‘one’, or old English meaning ‘person’. So putting it out there, it doesn’t have to point to inequality or a single gender.

Men in Black or X-Men are generic titles and should remain a generic title. I can’t see them changing ‘MiB’ to ‘Gender-Equal in Rainbow‘.

The movie – what did I think? Tired. There wasn’t much thought to the plot, the twist had been telegraphed from about twenty minutes in. I’m glad I didn’t have to pay for it, except with my time and social club fortnightly dues.

‘See You Yesterday’ drew from racial equality or inequality and felt it detracted from the story. Otherwise could have been good. I did say good.

If the simplicity had slid lower, it could have been a Spy Kids type movie or a step up, could have been a low budget action movie. This just seemed to slide into a void in the middle, not providing a place to put it.

I hope I didn’t rant any here, but (generically) guys, all I would love to see is equality to all, I don’t care about what colour your features are, or gender, sex / orientation, age or whether you clean the toilets or run a country, we are all human on this same rock.

Stories should fill the type of character needed for the plot. If a buff kick ass 70 year old grandmother of non-European decent that knows Krav Maga is needed fit the plot, then don’t shoe horn in a twenty something model, just because there isn’t enough representation in that area (for a really broad example).

I have had many good friends through out the years from all types of groups and I’m better for it.

If I manage to get my story (I have in mind) published, I have a wonderful range of characters, all written to fit who they are or for why they are there. No-one is just shoehorned into place. I have a complete 3 + 2 (or 3) series of books planned in my head, for a list of wonderfully painful people. Once I get a chance, I will have a full story structure worked out, stuck on my wardrobe door (so the cat doesn’t destroy it).

Be who you want to be and accept all for who they are. This is a small blue spec we live on, well past the black stump, the boondocks and Woop Woop , there is no room for everyone’s ego. Wars have started for less.

Excuse me, but did you say you were an x-men?

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