Complete second write, almost finished and publishers, Yay!

I have almost completed my second write of the novella. It’s grown from 24k to almost 30k. By the time I have finished with the last 20 pages, it’s going to be over the 31k boundary.

I think once the second write has concluded, I’ll be ready to see someone for professional developmental editing, just to make the story better, more punchy and closer to release.

I just started talking to a small indie publishing house over the last few days, to help bring these wonderful characters alive and to readers like yourself.

It will be an interesting experience to have an industry based reader lay eyes on my work. A lot of people haven’t seen my About page, and that’s ok. I use to do writing for my own entertainment. Those floppy disks never lived to tell their tales. I have never had anybody read my works, except on two English assignments over two years, and felt a bit nervous even to hand over original works to my Dad to read before he passed last year, and then my novella to a limited few.

I’m getting over my anxiety of people reading my work, but the big test will be the release to paperback and ebook. That still has me a little boot shaken at the prospect of bad reviews, but they might help to improve my next book and the one after that. Reviews can only help improve if they provide constructive feedback and not just ‘that was terrible.’

So from my novella, I now have to get the timeline sorted for the series I’m planning to go after that. I have been asked to fill in the next part of the story within 6 months after the novella release. So, lots of work to do between now and the start of the new year.

It’s a quick one this week, I want to finish the writing before the end of the weekend, so until next time. – Sorry I don’t have an interesting image this week to go with the article.

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