MEGA few weeks and a publisher

Hi All, it’s been a few weeks since I last posted. I’ve been busy.
I spent almost 2 full weeks outside of work editing my latest revision, polishing the details as much as possible, fleshing out story. It put on weight of almost five thousand words in that time.

I flew to another state to meet an Indie publisher. His business is just starting and wanted to meet him personally. You have to be able to work with your publisher, so it was a meet and greet. He picked me up from the airport, we had lunch together. The drive was about an hour, so the two of us got to know each other on a professional level quite well.

I left my prised work with him while I took an energetic walk around the man-made lake in this part of the world. Oh boy, I thought my home state was cold at the moment.

(This screen shot is not from the story above, but shows the top 11 and 10 degrees Celsius, with gusty winds and rain. This was the coldest I saw it. I know other parts of the world are colder, but for me, this was the coldest I have ever felt, besides the first camping trip I went on with my dad, up a mountain in a late 1970’s Nissan Pajero 4×4 (*cough* made of real metal and real skill to drive it off road)up to a cabin that was burnt out. It was sleeting and we had nothing but synthetic wool clothing and blankets. We had no idea. I later learned to drive that beastly box. I knew how to four wheel drive before I was 10, he always said ‘if we get into trouble, you might need to drive me out.’ My dad was awesome.)

So… What did he think? Spending most of the year working on it intermittently then really getting the writing bug and spending my xbox time writing. I have work to do.

My manuscript writing style needs developing. He pointed out a few tips I need to tighten up on, gave some examples and talked to me for about half an hour, on becoming a better writer. He thought the content of the story was well thought out and could be something publishable, providing I fix my writing style.

That first few minutes were hard to take, but take them I did. I have started my first major rewrite, into a fresh document and all.

It’s been hard writing the first 2000 words, looking for the right structure, but it now seems to be easier. Early feedback is promising.

I’ll keep everyone apprised of what’s happening.


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