Long time no post, and The Martian

I don’t like just posting stuff for no reason, so it’s been a while, not the ‘every Friday’ I wanted to post. I’ve been too busy with organising a holiday, the stress to go with that, then the holiday, all around my writing and my full-time job. I took November away from that time sync that pays me, to go to places never before seen by other people.

except all those on the boats and at the train station and…

You don’t fully understand the will your body has to move and sleep when you spend about 24 hours in economy seating, just to reach the place you’re going to relax.

It’s not the travel, it’s the journey getting to your destination (thanks to APT for the image)

We landed in Amsterdam three days early and couldn’t get enough of the place. The Australian Peso only gets you about .6 Euro, so we looked at each meal as double the AUP. Turns out, most restaurants charge the same for food and coffee, except in Euro. A cup of coffee is 4€, so for us, about $7. *cough* enough complaining, on with the post.

We spent 2 cold but glorious weeks following the map above on the ship Amavenita from APT. Couldn’t recommend it enough. As our Cruise Director, Gunther kept saying – WOW.

This is not sponsored in anyway, just my opinion of the holiday.

I have been reading the Martian by Andy Weir with still about 100 pages to the end, saw the movie (again) on the plane after visiting here-

This is the headquarters of NASA, in the movie Venkat Kapoor took those escalators, while Teddy and Mitch held their media conferences on either the top floor or the next floor down in the back of the second photo (I’m not sure which floor). There was a rocket hanging from the rafters in the movie. This building is on the Pest (pronounced Pesh-t not the English sounding version of the word, as one of our guides said, ‘no pest here’) side of Budapest.

With over 1000 pictures of all the lovely places and activities over the three weeks out of the country, I can’t post them all.

I have spent the last few days recovering from jetlag and writing between sleeping. In the last few days, I’ve almost busted out another chapter rewrite. I’m hoping to smash through two or three more chapters this week before I return to the grindstone a week on Tuesday.

Anyway, as a famous person once said – I should go.


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