enough writing for the moment

Okay, just a bit more, if you can excuse the tired ramblings below…

Wow, I have been hard at fixing one of my early chapters, and that is not as easy as I thought it would be. To start with, the chapter has all the ingredients of a working chapter, but not written as I would like, grammatically that is. So 90% of the chapter is there, I don’t want to rewrite any part of the story, but have to rewrite most of it to fix the noob stuff I wrote toward the end of 2018.
It’s exhausting, even to the point I’m leaning heavy on the spellchecker while writing this.

The story is currently sitting around the 1/3 mark, or end of Act 1, just a little more to finish it, and a grand total of 35k words, but still more edits to go and another 2/3rds to write. My draft zero is 34.7k.
I had been looking forward to an end of year release, but at this stage, maybe March 2021 (with fingers crossed). The more I write, the better and faster I get.

This would be where I should be able to refer to another story on looking after yourself, physically and mentally, but haven’t been able to put down the right words.
I attempted to write that while writing chapter 2 for something like the 3rd or 4th time, still not hitting the right wording for the scene. Thinking over this book, chapter 2 is the darkest and most depressing chapter, bringing in the right characters for the story (correction to almost giving away a hint on something). I think I’ll still write that article, but I have too much to do at the moment.

This virus – Work has asked all the staff who don’t need to be on site, to work from home. Grrr, I’m one of those working from home.
For months now, I have been thinking I don’t want to go to work any more, so the Universe gave it to me, I don’t have to go to work, but still have to work. I work for the 7.75 hours every day, then change computers and start writing. I barely leave the house now, I guess like a lot of people.
And with the world (cough – humanity) finding something unpleasant in a handbasket, the shops have been Magpied (Magpie is a bird in Australia that steals food, so the term Magpied for the shelves at the shops cleaned out), so good luck finding loo paper and now hand sanitiser, isopropyl alcohol and cheap vodka.

People are even hoarding ventolin puffers without having asthma, restricting those who do need it, as this article suggests.

Well, I’m hoping work will implement a freeze on software and network changes, that way the only thing I have to do, is watch my work emails and write my book.

I have a feeling I need to look after myself more, a little self care here and there, but I already spend too much time watching a streaming service and still feel over burdened. Maybe TV isn’t the kind of de-stress I need, but neither is my game console.
Really, I feel like I need or want to write when I’m not, so work, house work, exercise, repaving under the washing line or down the side of the house or redoing the footings on a small block retaining wall in the front yard is wasting my time in finishing my story.

Too much to do, not enough mental repair. I only need to finish this book, start on the next and spend all my leave on 12 months holiday at home. Fingers crossed I get the second book written in that time.


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