Title under wraps

I can’t believe it was April when I last posted. I’ll make this a short post today as I have more writing to get through.

So much has happened in that time (globally) and all I’ve been hard at my day job and writing, both from the same computer, day in and day out. I almost feel like I’m wearing this chair.

Act one – Finally smashed through act one again with my co-author, and have now submitted that to my editor for review. I’m sure there are many amateur mistakes in there, but still learning the art of writing, like dialogue. Just watched a great video on the main streaming service from a prolific author on how to write invisible dialogue tags.

Act two – still needs self-editing but mostly written.

Act three – most of act three is only outline documents, but they are coming together as fast as possible.

So, the short of the short is, more writing and editing, but looks like we might make the deadline for pre-development editing for mid next year release.

We can’t wait to bring this story out, the story of our protagonist growing up after a MAD event and the people still arguing about how much better things can be if they run the place.

The title is still under wraps until next year.


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