A speedy update

Some things in this world are the sweetest and most enjoyed feelings, events or situations, like breathing in the exhaust of an electric car powered from your solar panels or the soft, warm glow of the sun on your face on a cold day or submitting your final manuscript to your editor.

That’s right!! Our manuscript has finally been released for its first edit.

The two of us have spent the last two weeks revising our September quality, now the entire story has been written. In case you hadn’t read my previous post, the story is around 180 thousand words and had to be broken in two.

There were so many changes and arguments over these nights as we thrashed over events, scenes, what people were doing, continuity and chapters as a whole.

I’m not an organisational type of person, so for me, I started pantsing the story and kept revising parts missing. For one thing, I didn’t have the ages of people correct in the right years. The next series is still missing a few points, but I’m slowly building out the story and will begin writing as soon as that’s finished.

Right now, I’m catching up on some reading, so I’m finishing ‘Saucer’ by Stephen Coonts, followed by ‘In the Dragon’s Shadow: Resolution’ by Rufin de Villiers. After all that I’ll be head deep in the six-book epic ‘Void Wraith Saga’ by Chris Fox as this series is a military Sci-Fi. I think this might come close to the type of series I’ll be writing. I follow Chris Fox on Youtube.

I did start reading The Expanse, but after watching the first three seasons, I couldn’t stop comparing it visually. I hope to read it at a later date.

From this point onward, I hoping to write other stuff on my blog other than book updates.

If anyone wants to join me or message me on GoodReads, my profile is https://www.goodreads.com/leebreeze


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