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This last week has been busy with the publisher and a ‘Social Media for Authors’ talk on Saturday, and then following up with creating more social media. We now have a Facebook group, page and a Pinterest page.
So far, the Pinterest page is lacking any real content, but from there, we can post images of what we imagine people to look like and what they are wearing.

If you would like to join us over on Facebook or Pinterest, here are our links-

We will be running simple questionnaires like ‘What is your all time favourite sci-fi tv show universe?’ and posting memes, but primarily, it’s to keep in contact with fans, readers and anyone else who wants to drop by and say hi.

So, when is it being released?
July 2021

Where can I get a copy?
Just a moment, I haven’t told you anything about the book.

The back drop is after a M.A.D event (mutually assured destruction – Don’t you love the name? not my made up term, it’s real!), where a 7 year (cycle) old girl, Jayne Doe survives. The story follows our antagonist as she grows up in a world that is forever changed, with some politics from the town nearby and technology from a downed alien space ship. Part two, due for release next year, will bring this story to a conclusion.

So, on with the reveal, starting with

The blurb –

At seven, the nuclear apocalypse shattered Jayne Doe’s world. Her family; dead. Her life; changed.

Thrust into the hands of others, Jayne is assured she’s going to someplace better. But with each day, and each new adventure she starts to question what better actually means.

A fractured society reels in the aftermath of nuclear war. Survivors start to prosper, establishing a refugee camp named Hope focused on creating a peaceful civilisation.

But where they strive for peace, others seek control. 

Burn the Sky is a familiar world where one lonely survivor discovers so many people have conflicting schemes, and that she too, will have a role to play in saving civilisation from itself…

What do you think of the book cover? Come and tell us on Facebook.


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Science Fiction Novelist

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