Life moves pretty fast…

Steve Miller was right when he wrote the lyrics – Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’; into the future.
It seems like only yesterday when I applied for a 10 week residency at Queensland Writers Centre (, and as of next week, will be my last in their offices full time.
I have to say, I’m going to miss the small family of great people, the conversations, time spent writing the next book, and well, just the face-to-face interaction with like-minded folks.

When I applied for the residency, I wasn’t sure of when I’d get in or what was happening with applications for a different job. I applied anyway, submitting 6000 of my 8-10k words, and about two days after applying, I was asked if I wanted to start on Monday. I couldn’t have been further over the moon, and Amanda and I had drinks that night.

In five weeks, I added to that word count to finish at around 38k, and that concluded my first draft. Including the prologue that links our first series (Burn the Sky; only part one is released at the moment and available from here) with more information and insight, that gave a decent 42k words. I don’t write fast, maybe 800-1800 words per day, as I have to focus on that movie playing in my head and type out what my mind’s eye sees.
Mentorship came from two lovely interns and Uni students (Nicole and Juliette – I hope I spelt your names correctly), and to my surprise, with it missing scenes, details and being a first draft, they enjoyed it and provided some valuable feedback on the story structure. They must be used to reading Works in Progress, as they both said the pacing was just right and looked forward to reading more.
As it turns out, neither of them read Sci-Fi, but they enjoyed what I’d written.
These last few weeks I’ve had to engage edit mode, correcting and adding more details, and connecting scenes together better, all so I can add in those missing scenes and the ship V’s ship combat, that I’m yet to work out how I’m going to structure those battles.

So this new story? – It has a series name, but no book title has leapt off the ‘page’ yet.
This series will cover a short time span of about a year (cycle) or less and begins five cycles after Burn the Sky Part 2. Compared to the Burn the Sky diptych, this series contains 100% more sci-fi, with as much hard science as I can include, right down to the faster than light drive that is hotly fought over.
I don’t want to give away too much, but right now I think my word count is somewhere around the 50k mark. That leaves plenty of room for (my wife and co-author) Amanda to add more of that person to person content.
I’m looking forward to having the book I originally wanted to write in 2018, published sometime in 2023. I don’t know how far you’ve followed me, but Burn the Sky was a 2000 word, badly written prologue in 2018, now it’s approximately 200k words.

So you keep talking about a book not released until 2023 and I’ve read Burn the Sky Part 1, where’s part 2? – Part 2 is still in edit and refinement, and we’re aiming to have it complete in October or early November, and released by about March 2022, so stay tuned.

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A promotional photo we took. We were lucky enough to find someone who had WW2 items we could us for props- Thanks Andrew

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