Burn the Sky Part 2

It has been some time since anything was posted here. Everything snowballed over this last month with editing, the response from the editor and just life.

I’ve been out of work since February, and we will be first-time parents later this year. So that will be a significant lifestyle change in the Breeze household.

While everything felt chaotic, Amanda and I have been working on a trilogy that follows the Burn the Sky duology. The wants and needs of our primary characters and different factions have been our primary concern while developing scenes. Who wants to read a scene that doesn’t add to the evolution of the story?

With three major factions and three minor, there is so much going on in just a few short months (equivalent). It might sound like a lot, but it still comes down to; what those factions/characters do in that time that is interesting to read without being over the top.

Without any spoilers, books one and two overlap, so they have to be written together as such. This will be a long slog putting down the complete trilogy in bones before fleshing out those first two.

In the meantime, we have had more reviews on Goodreads and Amazon for part 1. It’s slow going receiving reviews to help promote the books. If you have read our books, please don’t be shy. Reviews are free to leave, and reviews means there is more potential for our story to be seen by more people.

If you haven’t read or reviewed our book, here is what other people have said about Burn the Sky: Hope. We look forward to reading your review.

The second and final part to Burn the Sky is due for release on the 28th of July.
Pre-orders can be ordered from our publisher before being available from Amazon and the wide network of bookstores and online retailers.


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