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Burn the Sky – Part1: Hope

At seven, the nuclear apocalypse shattered Jayne Doe’s world. Her family; dead. Her life; changed.

Thrust into the hands of others, Jayne is assured she’s going to someplace better. But with each day, and each new adventure she starts to question what better actually means.

A fractured society reels in the aftermath of nuclear war. Survivors start to prosper, establishing a refugee camp named Hope focused on creating a peaceful civilisation.

But where they strive for peace, others seek control. 

Burn the Sky is a familiar world where one lonely survivor discovers so many people have conflicting schemes, and that she too, will have a role to play in saving civilisation from itself…

Burn the Sky: Hope

Burn the Sky – Part2


Jayne Doe survived a nuclear apocalypse and the destruction of civilisation, only to be raised as a female assassin in a training camp that holds its own deadly secrets.

Forbidden from trusting anyone, and her guardian Sera unable to help as before, Jayne must rely on her perseverance and skills to face what comes next.

With a fanatical Admiral hunting her, a maniacal Patriarch controlling her, and a mysterious man known only as “Commander” wielding power over them all from the shadows.

Survival is only just the beginning… 

Burn the Sky: Redemption

Untitled novel

The untitled novel follows on from the events of Burn the Sky.

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