Another day, another…

My time being a full time author is coming to an end. Last year, I had a certain situation at work that put me on medical leave with insurance. That insurance has now expired, but I don’t think the location based issues have been fixed. The hard choice of returning to these problems while keepingContinue reading “Another day, another…”

July – Such a month

It’s been a month or more since posting here, but so much has happened in July, I’m not sure where to start. Let’s start at the release. July 1st was the first day our book was available for purchase in either ebook or paper back. It was a rather quite affair with the human malwareContinue reading “July – Such a month”

Co-Author and progress

So it’s been a few weeks since my last posting and I thinking of removing the “I’ll post every Friday” from the home page, because I can’t just flood your inbox with random stuff every week. I’d like to just mention the 50th anniversary of Apollo 13’s successful failure for the last week; their attempt inContinue reading “Co-Author and progress”

enough writing for the moment

Okay, just a bit more, if you can excuse the tired ramblings below… Wow, I have been hard at fixing one of my early chapters, and that is not as easy as I thought it would be. To start with, the chapter has all the ingredients of a working chapter, but not written as IContinue reading “enough writing for the moment”

How many levels are there in life?

I like to think life is a little bit like a computer or a role-playing game. As you do things, you get better. Recent studies might have debunked the 10,000 hours to become a master at something (just do a web search for ‘how many hours to perfect something’), but that’s not to say itContinue reading “How many levels are there in life?”

Complete second write, almost finished and publishers, Yay!

I have almost completed my second write of the novella. It’s grown from 24k to almost 30k. By the time I have finished with the last 20 pages, it’s going to be over the 31k boundary. I think once the second write has concluded, I’ll be ready to see someone for professional developmental editing, justContinue reading “Complete second write, almost finished and publishers, Yay!”

Men in Black:Equally

This topic is a bit more serious than previous weeks. Sorry about that. I have been working on this idea all week, and even after typing it all out, wasn’t sure if I should post it. Almost deleted it a number of times over the last few days. (And i still might) Just recently, IContinue reading “Men in Black:Equally”

Adulting and Babylon 5

Adulting, it can be hard work. Because of this, editing on my novella has fallen to the side, and only written about 3000 words on my next book this past fortnight. Brings that total now to just over 10k. Still 1/10th to a full book or 1/4th-1/5th to a novella. I’m hoping to make thatContinue reading “Adulting and Babylon 5”