Complete second write, almost finished and publishers, Yay!

I have almost completed my second write of the novella. It’s grown from 24k to almost 30k. By the time I have finished with the last 20 pages, it’s going to be over the 31k boundary. I think once the second write has concluded, I’ll be ready to see someone for professional developmental editing, justContinue reading “Complete second write, almost finished and publishers, Yay!”

Adulting and Babylon 5

Adulting, it can be hard work. Because of this, editing on my novella has fallen to the side, and only written about 3000 words on my next book this past fortnight. Brings that total now to just over 10k. Still 1/10th to a full book or 1/4th-1/5th to a novella. I’m hoping to make thatContinue reading “Adulting and Babylon 5”