What is Burn the Sky?

Here is how our book went from an idea and became a realisation over two books. Before I get into what Burn the Sky is, let me point out what it’s not. The start fits right into the point of view of a seven-year-old girl, but this doesn’t mean we aimed the story toward theContinue reading “What is Burn the Sky?”

Burn the Sky Part 2

It has been some time since anything was posted here. Everything snowballed over this last month with editing, the response from the editor and just life. I’ve been out of work since February, and we will be first-time parents later this year. So that will be a significant lifestyle change in the Breeze household. WhileContinue reading “Burn the Sky Part 2”

DNF a book? Why?

At what point in time do you give up on a story? Some people don’t put books down, even if they’re terrible, they just persist. Bad could be terrible for several reasons, and only you, the reader, know the answer to that question, and everyone is different. I’ve compiled a few reasons why I’ve DNF’dContinue reading “DNF a book? Why?”

When the story starts/continues…

Some authors can bang out books in just a few weeks, while others take years to perfect that masterpiece, and others who spend so long world-building, they only release a few books in a lifetime. J.R.R. Tolkien is one author I’m thinking of when I say this, but that, by far, is not poking funContinue reading “When the story starts/continues…”

Award nomination

This will be just a short message, but… I never thought it would happen. Burn the Sky -Part1:Hope has been nominated for an award. The Miles Franklin award. This information is a week old. I had been in the middle of writing the POV and voice piece, and didn’t have the time to flip subjectsContinue reading “Award nomination”

Point of view and voice

Who speaks for me? The narrator posing as me, or me posing as the narrator? When it comes to the point of view for the character, for the readers, what voice do you give to your story? Do you do 1st person or 3rd person? It can’t be 2nd person unless you’re reading an instructionContinue reading “Point of view and voice”

Another day, another…

My time being a full time author is coming to an end. Last year, I had a certain situation at work that put me on medical leave with insurance. That insurance has now expired, but I don’t think the location based issues have been fixed. The hard choice of returning to these problems while keepingContinue reading “Another day, another…”

Book title and cover release

This last week has been busy with the publisher and a ‘Social Media for Authors’ talk on Saturday, and then following up with creating more social media. We now have a Facebook group, page and a Pinterest page.So far, the Pinterest page is lacking any real content, but from there, we can post images ofContinue reading “Book title and cover release”