What is Burn the Sky?

Here is how our book went from an idea and became a realisation over two books. Before I get into what Burn the Sky is, let me point out what it’s not. The start fits right into the point of view of a seven-year-old girl, but this doesn’t mean we aimed the story toward theContinue reading “What is Burn the Sky?”

Burn the Sky Part 2

It has been some time since anything was posted here. Everything snowballed over this last month with editing, the response from the editor and just life. I’ve been out of work since February, and we will be first-time parents later this year. So that will be a significant lifestyle change in the Breeze household. WhileContinue reading “Burn the Sky Part 2”

enough writing for the moment

Okay, just a bit more, if you can excuse the tired ramblings below… Wow, I have been hard at fixing one of my early chapters, and that is not as easy as I thought it would be. To start with, the chapter has all the ingredients of a working chapter, but not written as IContinue reading “enough writing for the moment”

MEGA few weeks and a publisher

Hi All, it’s been a few weeks since I last posted. I’ve been busy.I spent almost 2 full weeks outside of work editing my latest revision, polishing the details as much as possible, fleshing out story. It put on weight of almost five thousand words in that time. I flew to another state to meetContinue reading “MEGA few weeks and a publisher”

Writing workshop

Welcome back. Over the last 8 weeks, I have been busy. I attended a masterclass workshop run by Eileen Herbert-Goodall covering flashbacks and flashforwards, voice and style, point-of-view and many other topics. Now it’s over, I’m going to miss those Wednesday nights. Thanks Eileen and all the other attendees for making the experience wonderful andContinue reading “Writing workshop”