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Blog posts come sporadically, mainly when I need to write something other than books

Blog posts are supposed to come weekly or more, but there are other things on my mind than writing posts.
I am deeply engaged in editing or writing the next book, so as much as I would love to add more content here, it takes my time away from contributing to the next New York Times bestseller.

Amanda and I spend too much time in the chair already, but all we want to do is build another world with rich characters you’re going to love to hate, or hate to love.

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Life and Renewal

Creating life is a complex process. For anyone who has tried to start a family and still pats their furbaby at nighttime, I know it can be a tough road to walk. Without going into any detail, Amanda and I have taken pause for the last few months with our next books as we concentrated…

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What is Burn the Sky?

Here is how our book went from an idea and became a realisation over two books. Before I get into what Burn the Sky is, let me point out what it’s not. The start fits right into the point of view of a seven-year-old girl, but this doesn’t mean we aimed the story toward the…

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Burn the Sky Part 2

It has been some time since anything was posted here. Everything snowballed over this last month with editing, the response from the editor and just life. I’ve been out of work since February, and we will be first-time parents later this year. So that will be a significant lifestyle change in the Breeze household. While…

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That story’s not unique?

Where do stories come from? And how original is original? I’ll answer the second question first, then the first question second, and hopefully, that might answer both together. Warning – This post will contain the word “original” a few times more than the word “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”. In today’s world, with over 7 trillion people all coming…

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DNF a book? Why?

At what point in time do you give up on a story? Some people don’t put books down, even if they’re terrible, they just persist. Bad could be terrible for several reasons, and only you, the reader, know the answer to that question, and everyone is different. I’ve compiled a few reasons why I’ve DNF’d…

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Married with characterisation

By Amanda Breeze “What? You write with your husband? Together? How does that even work?” Not surprising, this is a common reaction when we say we write as a husband and wife author team. People are baffled to learn our marriage has survived, let alone prospered under the pressure authors commonly face (particularly first-time ones).…

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